About me

I was born in France, where I lived until I was six. My parents moved to Portugal where I ended up growing up, spending most of my life, and getting my university degrees (yes, plural!). My last Bachelor degree was a Solicitor and I was going to study Criminal Psychology after that, even while working at a school at a desk job.  But, sometimes life takes unexpected turns and I decided to give it all up and come here to Germany with my older daughter, following an old dream of living abroad and  with the person who became my husband. So, Germany is where I ended up learning the language, getting pregnant from my second child, turning everything upside down and following my husband’s advice: “ you have now a chance to start a new life,  from the beginning. Take it!. And so, I chose to develop my old passion for photography. That is what I have been doing since 2012.

It took me years to learn the art and develop my own style. But in fact, learning and getting inspired is an ongoing process, time and money investment. Sometimes my inspiration comes from simple details, sometimes it just shows up while I am editing.

Photography allows me to be creative, either by making my own props and digital backgrounds or giving my editing a personal style. One that will make you want to have my work on your wall. All my images are single hand edited. Meaning that I work carefully in detail every single image you receive from me, because I stand for quality rather than quantity.

About my sessions

My sessions take place at my home studio, with access to multiple accessories, gowns, outfits and props. 

They are planned ahead with you. We get to discuss your favorite colors, backgrounds and outfits.


If you are coming for a maternity session, I strongly advise you to come meet me first and try the dresses before your session. As for newborns, I will prepare the sets according to your required colors. Cake smashes can be chosen from my bucket list, or we can plan something new. I am all ears, and up for new ideas!


I don’t rush my sessions, and I am there as long as it takes to get the job done, especially when working with your newborn or your children. The times that i give, are merelly round abouts.

Patience, understanding babies and children behavior is one of my biggest qualities. Sometimes I see parents being nervous, but I like to make everyone feel at ease and enjoy the seamless experience of doing a photo session with me. 


After the sessions, and within 3 weeks, I reveal the result of my work to you through an online private gallery. You can then choose and order your favorite images.

About my products

I like that my clients have quality products, therefore all my Fine Art works are printed using museums quality Hahnemühle FineArt Photo Rag® Paper, and delivered in a leatherette box with a pair of cotton gloves to handle your photos.


With most of my other sessions, I offer photos printed either on Silk Paper or Soft Touch Matt  and they are also delivered in a leatherette box.


Inside the box, you will also find a usb-stick with all the chosen/purchased photos.


I am self-taught and have relied on my own habilities and intuition since day one.

But of course, in order to improve in certain areas, I decided to learn from other professionals who could teach me better techniques. These are a few of the courses I took in person and online. 

© Odette Kämpfe Photography